i don't believe in: everything happens for a reason, it was/wasn't meant to be, divine intervention or any of that "the secret" business. i mean, the idea of it all is nice, good...too good.
i'm more of the thought that some people work really hard and are successful, others work just as hard and never get a break. amazing things happen. shitty things happen. and often even shittier things happen. it is what it is.

now, i am human. and every once in a while i'll get goosebumps over a coincidence. that moment when everything seems to intersect or align and for no other reason other than that they just plain fell into place. it's cool and kind of creepy.

the quote contained in my header is by alice hoffman. when i first read it, it resonated with me, big time. i'd never written anything until a few years ago. the process, to me, always seemed more academic than creative. i was a painter, a sculptor, not a writer. well, it fell into my lap and i soon found after feeling creatively starved that writing would cure me of my artistic anorexia.
i knew i'd heard the name alice hoffman before, but couldn't place her or her work. a few days ago i was making a list of books to buy. practical magic was at the top. i've never read it. i saw the movie before i knew it was ever a novel. the movie, while campy at times, had a real mood to it. most of all, it introduced me to joni mitchell. that alone, made it worth the watch ten times over.
that day, as i compiled my list, i paused to look up alice hoffman, after all, she might have written something i'd like to read. what was her break out novel? practical magic, right there in my handwriting and staring me in the face, the first title on my list.
i hear joni mitchell all of the time when i'm writing at starbuck's. her songs even make appearances in this latest novel, written about modern day witches.
today, as i wrote "the scene", another song from the movie's soundtrack came on.

i've experienced similar oddities in regard to my first overly long (epic to be exact) and needing to be cut down or it will never get picked up novel about hawaii. but that's more goosebumps (or chicken-skin for my hawaiian slang savvy friends) for another post.

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