temporary blinders

i've found that i must be careful what i read when i'm writing.
i haven't read a book in months (i know!). believe me, i've tried. many a time i've wandered through the store picking up book after book (i love basing selections on cover art) only to read the enticements on the back and...no, no, no.
i just can't read anything remotely contemporary while i'm writing for fear of unintentional plagiarism, discouragement, or influence.
so, to the classics i've turned.
i'm not an avid reader. i envy those who can pick up any book and have it read in 2 days. i can't. thus, my list of books read is small and quirky (i cannot get past chapter 3 of the catcher in the rye, yet have read the unabridged journals of sylvia plath cover to cover). i need a story to pull me in and steal my attention. apparently, that's a lot to ask.
i've attempted classics before. anna karenina... pride and prejudice... and others, all left unfinished.
here's to giving them another go!
wuthering heights is up first.
i'll get back to reading based on cover art in a few months, and hopefully with some classic titles under my belt.

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  1. wuthering heights isn't doing it for me. back to great expections and hoping mr. dickens can charm me into reading it to the end.