the wool spinner

i'm getting a spinning wheel today. i have been raving about how my story is finished, when in fact one scene has been left incomplete.
to write the scene i needed to not only know the mechanics of how to spin wool to yarn, but the sounds, the smells, the textures. what better way than to buy my own wheel and learn how to spin myself.
so, here's to learning something new!
i envision myself on summer evenings, pulling my wheel onto our back patio and spinning in a long sun dress, bare feet, with a glass of ice tea resting at my toes.
i'll post a photo of my new prized possession once i have it...tonight.
and it didn't come easy acquiring it! who knew used spinning wheels were so widely sought after? not i. nevertheless, the perfect wheel has fallen into my lap.
*the above art print is by artist anne anderson: a depiction of the witch showing sleeping beauty the spinning wheel*


  1. How perfect, love that you have incorporated woolyness into your new book!!

  2. Can't wait for all of it! Congratulations!!

  3. deidre,

    i haven't yet decided, but i might put this current one up on amazon for kindle download while i search for an agent. my first novel needs some work before i do anything else with it. thanks so much and so glad you are interested! :)