scrutiny is the key

remember in my post titled toil, when i explored the possibility i might be looking over some key detail that would take me an additional 4 months to fix? well, i found it.

it isn't a specific piece of missing information or component to my story. no. it's my method of editing.

after a well-intentioned (and smart) suggestion by a friend, i decided to rework my first chapter. my first chapter, which i felt was as perfect as it could get. guess what? it got better. much better. now it is perfect.

so, i'm going forth, chapter by chapter with the deepest of scrutiny, until each one is truly finished. this is a one shot deal. i can't afford to be lazy.

*the above image is from the 1881 book A Voyage in the Sunbeam, by Annie Allnut Brassey*

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