the gift of blog

i discovered friday that father's day was indeed today and not next sunday, leaving me less than prepared for the holiday. and as holidays go, it's kind of silly to take only one day a year to honor the celebrated person(s), but i suppose it is nice to be celebrated at all.  and well, i don't complain being doted over on mother's day...i don't ever complain about being doted over.

i warned wade that i hadn't done anything and i mean not ANYTHING for father's day.  he was fine with it, not being the type to easily disappoint over such things.  i surprised him with coffee and a breakfast sandwich from starbuck's, but that was the extent of his "gifts".  hence the blog.  wade, i bestow upon you on this father's day the gift of blog.

thank you for being a wonderful father to our two little ladies.  you're fun, inventive, loving and sweet with them.  they truly adore you.

thank you for being a supportive and amazing husband.  not only do you put up with my hippie vegetarianism and non-conventional parenting ways, but you believe in me and allow me the time and resources to sit and write hours on end in search of self-fulfillment.  and i'm still reveling over the unbelievable 10 year anniversary you gave me.

and thank you for working so hard for yourself and for us, for completing your goals and seeking out new ones, and for always having the ability to make me laugh--you are my best friend.

i love you (S.H.M.I.L.Y...and despite your beard).

*The above painting is: Count Lepic and his Daughters by artist Edgar Degas*

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