kissing the lipless

you've tested your mettle of
doe's skin and petals
while kissing the lipless
who bleed all the sweetness away

                  ~kissing the lipless, the shins

a couple of weeks ago, during a run, i experienced a bit of a break down over this process. i discovered my novel is my lover. sounds bizarre, dysfunctional maybe, but it's the best way i could ever explain it.

writing a novel, for me, is like riding a relationship roller coaster. at first you're not sure, but tantalized. then you're infatuated. then you're in love. how the story ends, if it ends, will determine the outcome...insatiable, satisfying, devastating.

at that point (on the run), i was feeling i'd let my lover down. failed at giving it what it rightfully deserves: to be put out there. to be read. because if a story were a person, wouldn't that be ultimate fulfillment?

i've moved on though. because like a relationship, this love affair is constantly evolving.

i cleaned out my first chapter and sent 7 queries into cyberspace last weekend...

i received one rejection; one down, 6 to go.

there's your quick update...back to work.

*literally the second after i posted this, the shins came on @ coffee shop*

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  1. Great analogy...hang in there, you will get the recognition you deserve!