Mokulua Moonbow by Thomas Deir

hawaii is a place near and dear to my heart. it is where i spent some of the greatest and toughest times of my life. evolving from a naive girl into a woman, i grew up in hawaii.

beneath all of the tourism hype (not that there's anything wrong with hype) is an ethereal realm where spirit warriors run among the koa trees and the sweetness of heavenly florals are carried along the calm trade winds...mist flows up from waterfalls, wise voices of the past whisper with the waves, and on a clear night with a full moon the landscape below is coated in silver sugar. yes, hawaii, beneath the shave ice, exotic shows, and "i got lei'd in hawaii" t-shirts, is an ethereal realm.

much of my first novel is set in hawaii. not only did i go off of experience, but i researched hawaiian customs, history, language, modern and ancient society, etc...  i immersed myself as best i could being a world away. i learned a lot and only scratched the surface.

wade and i just celebrated our 10th anniversary. one of his many thoughtful gifts was a reprint of the above painting (please click here for thomas deir's website) which wade said reminded him of my novel (and of which i was deeply flattered).

we viewed mr. deir's work at a gallery in waikiki many a time, each visit marveling over his talent and how he captures lighting through painting in an astonishing and innovative way--he truly is a gifted artist.

what we received was a reprint of makulua moonbow on canvas with embellishments by mr. deir along with his signature. with the painting was a personal note to me which i will forever treasure, reading and rereading it each time i'm needing a boost, feeling discouraged in my art, or perhaps a reminder of why i need to create like i need to breathe.

this post is for hawaii. thank you hawaii for your inspiration, your history, your hibiscus laced breeze, and your gentle yet subtle embrace (and of course for your oh so clever t-shirts).

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