i love the rain

when it rains it pours...but i love the rain.

while awaiting a reply from the agent i wrote about in my previous post, i received an email from another agent.

again, i readied myself for the oh so common form rejection. what i got was yet another shocker.

this agent (we'll call her agent #2) granted me wonderful compliments in regard to my writing and story premise followed by a gut wrenching, "i nearly asked you for your full manuscript, but..." 

EXCITEMENT and NAUSEA all at once.

but even the negative is positive. i was given extremely well thoughtout constructive criticism/insight from someone who truly knows what they're talking about. AND...things are happening!

holy mother of pearl.

*wheat field in rain, vincent van gogh*


  1. Holy shit, Jess!! I'm just getting caught up on all of this....woohooo!!!! So exciting and scary and cool!! XOXOXOXO

  2. I remember this day...and I am suddenly nauseated for you all over again...