turning blue

i'm turning blue in the face. i've been holding my breath since yesterday around 5 pm.

a few hours before that i received an email from an agent. expecting the typical form rejection letter (dear author, we regret to inform you...) i took a deep breath and clicked on the message.


i read it over at least 5 times. she wants to read some pages?  based on my query letter alone?  the query letter i sent? version #25 of said query?

my stomach lodged in my throat, i looked around aimlessly--as if someone else had also read the inconceivable. desperate to share my news i called wade. i then called one of the baristas over and told her...i needed someone who was physically present to know.

i moved from the bar to a corner table and huddled for 2 1/2 hours, editing and proofreading my first 5 pages. then around 5 pm i squeezed my eyes shut, cringed, and clicked 'send'.


now i wait.

it could be nothing and nothing is what i'm preparing for.

i can't help but revel in the realization that i've broken a barrier...a small barrier, but still, it's progress.

so, 'clink' (that's 2 wine glasses clinking) to me!!!

*blue moon hosiery ad, 1926

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