while i wait...

i've had some recent ups and downs. the 2 agents who asked to read more passed. and i'm still waiting on another who asked for a partial...

it's all positive though (or that's what i'm trying to remind myself). from the 6 queries i sent out, 3 agents asked for partials....that's huge!

in the mean time i've made some major edits to my manuscript and sent out 7 more queries.

while i wait, which is torture (see previous posts), i'm going to go back to my first story. i need a break from these witches and they need me to stop fucking around with their lives. a break will serve us all.

between the currents is my first novel. it is over 600 pages long. it needs to be around 450. before now i wasn't up to that challenge. but i've been thinking on those characters, those people whom i gave life, and i owe it to them.

back to hawaii i go...

*salvador dali, the melting clock, 1931*

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