new beginnings

as i sit and contemplate a new opening for between the currents i'm reminded of my own beginnings.

two and a half years ago all i had was a loose concept, a shit computer, and an insatiable thirst to create. sitting hours on end...a pile of books on hawaii to my right, a thesaurus and dictionary to my left (shit computer did not have wifi), and with a bottomless cup of coffee, i searched.

i had no idea what i was doing, but whatever it was it felt right. 600 pages and 180,00 words later, i felt relieved, fulfilled, released.

getting published was never something i considered until the end. once i'd finished, that insurmountable goal of getting published felt somewhat attainable. little did i know...

the process of getting published butchers the artistic piece of writing.

and being artistic, creating is why i began this journey.

i've found that i need to remind myself to stay balanced. it's easy to become obsessed with query letters, rejections, agents and editing. when i'm in need of a respite i must make myself take one.

so...if you want to find me, i'll be spending the next couple of weeks deep in the forests of hawaii beneath the shade of a koa tree.

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