i'm not a person who gets depressed. but, i have to say, this last bout of rejection pushed me over that line. for days i'd go to coffee shop planning to write only to widdle my time away searching for knitting patterns and exotic yarns or staring blankly at facebook updates for god's sake. 

a slap in the face and a kick in the ass was necessary.

that being said, i've begun a new novel. i was lusting for the thrill of creating and it was damn near killing me not to have it.

and i'm keeping this one hushed. this story and i need to cocoon ourselves, get to know one another without outside intrusion. i've never gone about writing that way...i'm far too chatty and in my excitement find i want to share these worlds with others...perhaps prematurely.

so, i bestow upon anyone who actually reads my nonsense here on blog one hint: venice, but not as we know it. that's it, buttoning my lips...now!

and i'm not forgetting about my witches or hawaii, they're always in my mind, crouching just around a corner. for now though, we all need a break from one another.

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