lovely october

like i said, those witches are always there, huddled beneath some broken down cabinet, haunting me within my mind. last night i was reminded of the conception of that novel.

last year on october 30th i crossed paths with my neighbor whom i am convinced is some sort of witch (not as in wands, spells, and brooms (i don't think so anyway)...more likely she's into wicca or is an extreme pagan). we made eye contact and with that the entire story began spiraling out of control.

i had a short conversation with the same woman last night (work related) and couldn't help thinking how she has absolutely no idea her influence on my life.

it's astounding to me that all it takes is a fleeting thought, a look, a far off experience or even a random headline to spur a story and one that is sprawling with people, events, emotions, and scenery.

this process truly is lovely.

happy october 1st.

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