i 'heart' post-its

it is days like this that i am thankful for technology. days when my mind is reeling; ideas swirling and bouncing from one side of my head to the other.

i don't make charts. or graphs. or tables. i love the idea of being organized in such a way, but my brain won't allow it--it isn't in me.

i'm a list maker; a random note jotter. when something comes to me i either type it in my 'notes' word file or i scribble the tidbits into one of many notebooks to eventually transfer the notes from paper to computer.

if it wasn't for my trusty laptop i'd be one of those insane people with a wall of post-it notes...puking of pastel, un-categorized, and barely legible.

...i don't make charts, but i do love post-it notes...

and it's strange, often times i don't even bother re-reading my notes. their fate is one of two: appearing in whatever it is i'm working on or their purpose ending in simply being expunged from my brain.

latest: i've decided to spruce up my first novel and self-publish it, releasing it on amazon, etc... stay tuned for that.

when not working on BETWEEN THE CURRENTS i'll be jotting down theories, details, and randoms for my current project--a tall order of a story.

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