back in the saddle...kind of.

well after seeing my doctor (several times), an amazing acupuncturist (who gave me some funky herbs that taste like dirt), a physical therapist, a crazy cool energy worker (where it was revealed i was at that moment 'out of my body'(anyone who's read between the currents will get a kick out of that)), a chiropractor (aka 'the cult master'), and a condescending ears/nose/throat specialist, finally a CT scan revealed there is nothing wrong with my head...well no brain damage anyway. the prognosis? that i hit my head (had totally forgotten i'd jolted the top of my skull into the corner of a window a couple months ago) and that my symptoms are from that (probably got a concussion) and might last several more months (woo hoo).

the good news? i am finally beginning to feel more like myself. up until now i couldn't fathom sitting at the coffee shop and writing or even the drive to the coffee shop. alas, here i am (and only slightly off kilter)!

so, here's to being back in the saddle (sort of) (oh and i'm drinking coffee (decaf, but still))...*clink*!

jumping right in...


  1. Well, thank goodness! Drink up, sister. And sorry about the head boo boo. Miss you xoxoxo

  2. thanks betsy!!! i enjoy your blog...miss you too! XOXO