chiropractic cults

i've been to a chiropractor, a craniosacral specialist, and several doctors...the consensus is (i think) that my spine sucks and i have fluid in my ear. according to the chiropractor (who kind of seems more like a cult leader) and my x-rays, my spine is pinching important crap that isn't supposed to be pinched, nerves and whatnot. that coupled with having fluid in my ear is causing the dizziness. after a few treatments i'm feeling better, but not great.

the thought of sitting at the coffee shop to write leaves me nauseated (and sad). simply looking at the computer screen to type this is irritating. i kind of feel as if i'll never be back to normal. no bueno.

on writing...  i've hired someone (a secret weapon of sorts) to help me spruce up my witches novel (i don't post the title for reasons of my own silly paranoia). more to come on that as it unfolds. i will say, i am super duper excited!

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  1. Hello, Jessica. I’m glad that seeing a chiropractor made you feel better. Though the part about the “pinching nerves” should still be explored. Hopefully they can find a way to alleviate those pains soon, so you won’t have to suffer through those flashes of pain and nausea. Anyway, thank you for sharing.

    Derek Sparks @ Forgey Chiropractic