the interesting and the interesting-er

oh the people i meet...

if i'm lucky, i sit at a table for two, beneath the music speaker, in the corner next to a window and plug outlet. on busy coffee shop days my extra chair seems to scream, 'please anyone, come sit here! this table needs to be shared!' more often than not, some overly interesting or strange person accepts the chair's plea.

here's a list:

foreign language speaking gentleman resembling anthony hopkins with absolutely no respect for personal space, who, despite several tables emptying up, did not leave. i left first.

woman in mid-60's, reading a kindle, her large hot chocolate placed directly behind my laptop, with absolutely no respect for personal space.

female college student talking on blue tooth, eating out of several take out containers, a bowl of sauce placed directly behind my laptop, smacking lips, with absolutely no respect for personal space.

friendly grandpa type man offering up conversation and his website on the ever encroaching world war III, but with a much appreciated respect for personal space and who complimented my teeth and offered me a job...i think.

a local film writer/director who shared her own writing stories and words of encouragement. she was sitting at the table next to mine.

also at a neighboring table: a local novelist who offered me a quote by nora roberts on the secret to successfully finishing a novel, "ass in the chair."

along with these characters i've (against my best attempts) overheard a slew of awkward, uncomfortable, humorous, and inappropriate conversations ranging from cunnilingus to the putting down of a beloved family dog.

*at the cafe by edgar degas*

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