love affair

coffee and i.

my constant companion along this journey in writing has always been coffee. espresso to be precise, the americano my drink of choice.

unfortunately, and much to my dismay, my recent health issues are stripping coffee from my life and all too abruptly (yes, even decaf).

i've been drinking herbal tea; something i drink only when i'm sick (or out of coffee). it is not the same.

drinking coffee, the balancing fragrances of cocoa and tobacco coupled with delicate and rich flavors of soil and spice with a hint of sweet that leaves my mouth both satisfied and dry, that's what i miss. some might say it rivals a religious experience, others a sensual encounter. for me it's nostalgic...warm and comforting companionship.

i'm hoping we are reunited before too long.

*laurette's head with a coffee cup, henri matisse*

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