the scream

i'm awful at organization. awful. i'm also terribly indecisive. and when i have too many options i *freeze*. for example, i get all flustered when looking at extensive menus at restaurants. give me 2 maybe 3 options and i'm good. throw any more in there and i'm a deer in the headlights (i won't even go into how horrible it was for me to choose which college to attend).

as of now i have 3 things going and i can't for the life of me decide which to work on. do i pursue self-publishing and work on editing my first manuscript to e-publish? do i keep reworking/querying manuscript #2? or do i begin new manuscript #3 (which i'm dying to do)? and will any one of these options be a total waste of time and leave me spinning my wheels (which is what i'm currently doing anyway)?

right now i'm doing a little of this one day, a little of that another. and my time is precious. with only select and small snippets here and there i can't afford to dawdle. and i certainly can't afford to be indecisive.

i have got to choose a course and stick with it!

but which course?


*the scream, edvard munch*

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