artistic cathie

my goals for this coming year are as follows:

1. release BETWEEN THE CURRENTS online for e-publication by july 1st (barring i don't land an agent before then, which brings me to goal #2...)

2. work my ass off on my witches novel after it's finished being edited and re-query it.

3. finish writing my newest manuscript by year's end, because if i do it right, i believe it might truly be "the one".

4. take a wool spinning class.

5. get past all of this concussion stuff and GET BACK TO NORMAL!

happy new year!

*royal portable typewriter ad c1956*


  1. Ah, now I've got it! I have devoted more than the promised 30 min...just so you know...and why? because every blog that i have read, i feel as if you are sitting across from me talking...you drinking your coffee (which I hope you get back to) and me (currently) drinking a glass of wine. Miss ya girl...

  2. awwwww...*blows a kiss your way*

    miss you too leyla, thanks so much for reading! xoxo