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my life these days is an aimless road of randoms. this concussion has left my mind unable to think as succinctly as my pre-concussion self. it's as if my brain has been spliced into a web of trail ways: one leads to my parenting duties, another to my writing goals, one to any work related issues, one each for knitting and reading, several for appointments; and there are multiple paths branching off of each, going places i'm not even sure of because i don't have the patience to entertain them.


i've decided i must rewrite BETWEEN THE CURRENTS before i publish it online...a task i'm not sure i'm up for at this time.

i received my first round of edits back for my witches novel. it's exciting...much work to be done, but exciting none the less.

i CANNOT for the life of me figure out this new project...the main conflict--the big bang. i'm circling with all of these possibilities (pages and pages worth) when i know i need to make a sharp turn inward because my prize idea is somewhere in the middle, eluding me by nothing more than a shadow. i'll know it when it hits me, but i'm feeling terribly impatient (induced by my webbed brain).

alright, back to my circles i go.

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