here's to hoping...

things have been pretty quiet here in blogland, but i've been busy elsewhere. and i'm sure you, my devoted readers (all 10 of you), haven't taken offense anyway.

first off i HAVE to thank faith hochhalter aka the book babe for helping me edit my manuscript. she's given me direction, validation, and didn't dare dance around the good, the bad, and the ugly. if anyone reading this is looking for an editor, she's the lady for the job!

prior to working with faith i queried several agents, one of which recently got back to me. she didn't pick up my project (obviously. if/when that happens expect to be blinded by the fireworks and sparks spurting off this blog screen). HOWEVER, she offered wonderful compliments and is allowing me to resubmit once my edits are complete (2nd chances are a rare gift). i've learned not to get my hopes up, but have also learned any positive is a step in the right direction.

2 last items: i finally figured out the plot to my next project, phew! and on a more personal and even more random note, after being a vegetarian/vegan for more than 10 years i'm slowly transitioning to carnivore. i'm getting ahead of myself though...both posts for other days.

*vintage paper moon postcard

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  1. Yay, no news is always good news right? ;)

    Love yah!!