the lovely

it's a lovely thing when a story comes together right before your eyes and as you're writing it...having to scramble to get the unwritten details down lest you forget; because forgetting happens in a wink, a sneeze, or an unexpected phone call.

i've been brainstorming over my current project. writing pages and pages of notes, outlines, scenarios, alternate scenarios, scenes and details...oh the details. all of that and still i've felt an emptiness at the core of this story. something has been missing...something BIG.

well, what's been missing is the fact that outlining, graphing (yes there have been graphs...roughly executed graphs, but graphs no less), over-analyzing -- that isn't how i write. this story is a tall order and so i suppose i felt it deserved spreadsheets, to be approached with more a method (more than my usual means of madness and spontaneity). but i'm not methodical or analytical with my art. when i try to plan something, regardless of my medium, it usually ends in disappointment.

and maybe this all goes back to the passion i spoke of in my last post ( pure passion ). passion isn't born in graphs and outlines...not for me anyway. it's spawned in dream, in typing, in music and images, with the sunset and through the breeze.

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