little talks

thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out my contest entry--i so appreciated each lovely comment.
alas i wasn't chosen. BUT as always, i keep on keeping on...

so. i'm listening to this:

whilst diligently writing my soul away.


  1. not so much writing your soul away, as shaping it through your writing...

  2. indeed CG, indeed... are you doing the twitter pitch/agent do dah?

  3. I am not, actually I don't know what it is. Wouldn't do it if I did know though. Too busy licking my wounded ego... I don't mind rejection as much as I mind indifference.

  4. ahhh, yes. indifference...much worse than rejection-agreed. yeah twitter, blogs, contests, it's all the same. a nice opportunity, but honestly takes away from my writing time which is so damn precious as it is!! are your titles self pub'd? something i've considered, but not seriously...just yet.

    1. I have only one title, so far (the second book in my series is nearing the final editing stage now). It is self published, but I don't know if I would recommend that you do so. Looking back I don't know if I would do so again, but I'm kind of trapped into it now...

      I don't want to give you a big head - but your writing is fabulous, you just have to find an agent who'll read it. (But don't wait to long - I want to read it while I'm still aliv.)

    2. thank you (yet again). it's hard for me to get a big head as a writer, so compliment all you want! ;)

      and i appreciate your honesty re:self publishing. it's interesting, some writers talk about how it was the best move ever and others regret it (guess it's really a personal journey kind of thing).

      alright, i'll keep at it!!

    3. An additional thought about self-publishing, versus traditional...

      I recommend you download a free book by Mark Coker, entitled The Secrets to eBook Publishing Success – you can get it at this link http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/145431

      It is a very illuminating read, with a ton of great ideas that I wish I’d known about a long ago. After reading it I have realized that my series is extremely unlikely to ever get a “traditional publisher”, traditional criteria for a successful novel ensures that. In case you’re interested the first book in my series is currently entirely free, find it on SmashWords by searching for “Beltamar’s War” – I know there is little chance of you reading it, however I’d love you to give it a shot or tell your friends about it.

    4. Hey C.G! I will *definitely* check out both!! Like I said, I'm not typically a fantasy reader, BUT would love to give yours a go and will certainly pass it on!

      As always, thanks and take care!

  5. Replies
    1. thanks shelli (for the kind words and for stopping by my blog)--i appreciate it!