my precious

yes, please do take a moment to admire the lovely. this robin's egg blue pretty was a college gift to my mother-in-law in 1968 (which i am *honored* to have), and is the first of many typewriters i plan to collect.

one day i will have an office with wall to wall shelving lined of typewriters, books, and candles. that's the dream anyway.

alright, onto more pressing matters...

i have unlocked a secret and it is called TWITTER. yes, i realize i'm several years late, BUT, wow! if you're a writer trying to find an agent, i implore you to get a twitter account and start following your favorite literary agents and fellow authors. oh the information (and randoms) you will gain!!! trust me. warning: 'tis addictive.

AND, more exciting news on the writing front. after entering (and not getting close to winning) several critique/agent pitch contests, i've received another request for partial material (the old fashioned query-an-agent way). so as of now, i am waiting to hear back on two partials.

back to writing...listening to this:

happy friday!


  1. Found your blog via Krista's Mother.Write -- you didn't leave your email address, but I'd love to chat sometime and see if we could critique or beta read for each other, your project sounds really interesting.

  2. i didn't see your post, but linked to your blog. will email you...now.

  3. I miss the picture of tattooed arms...

  4. I, also would like to be your reader of the Beta variety.
    My post is a few after yours on Krista's Blog.

  5. thanks C.G... i got tired of looking at it, but surely will put it back up at some point.

  6. ryan, will email you and thanks in advance!

  7. If you are looking for readers for your work, I will gladly do so. Why, I'll even offer you my thoughts! I know how difficult it is to actually "release" it, but it has to be done sometime... Of course I would maintain utmost confidentiality. Anyway, just a thought. If you're tempted email me at cgayling on gmail.