my cave

i'm in an editing cave.

i've edited before, but more because it felt like the next step:
  1. write novel.
  2. edit.

now though, i have a purpose. and with a purpose things get real...more urgent...more pressure to do well...more excitement of the outcome because the outcome is actually attainable.

so each day i take care of whatever non-writing things need taking care of (the dishes always wait) and i create my cave:
  • light candles.
  • cue music (thank you spotify).
  • make hot beverage (coffee or tea).
  • set up laptop in comfy chair.
  • edit.
i'm 3/4 though and have deleted 10,000 words! my goal is to get rid of 5,000 more. funny how so much becomes clearly expendable when there's a goal to reach.

how do you edit? start from the beginning? flop around from scene to scene? on your couch? with background noise? chocolate on hand?

alright...crawling back into my cave.


  1. Happy editing!
    I start from the beginning and make many passes. I do eliminate a few words and phrases, but that first pass is where I start adding depth since I'm a bare bones writer when it comes to the first draft.

    1. Thanks Alex! So interesting to hear how others go about writing, etc...

      If I don't add depth/details/prose to begin with and as it comes to me I fear I'll lose it all! Which is why I usually have a lot to cut that first pass;-)

  2. I am loving the edits so far! You are so amazing :-)

  3. I know exactly what you mean about the outcome finally being obtainable. Once I reached that point, I actually started looking forward to revising/editing. Good luck. Thank you for visiting my blog.