thanksgiving blog hop #3

today's post is short and sweet but still  quite thanks-worthy!

i am so very thankful for NEW IDEAS.

after i wrote my first novel, i wasn't sure if that was it. could that be the only story i had to tell? now i can emphatically answer with a big fat happy NO!

i love how story ideas form...it's the most amazing, random, fleeting thing. could be a headline, a photo, a person passing by, a song, or a dream. anything can spur a good idea and from there, my favorite part is how it takes root, growing and growing and growing.

this is my head as of late:

again, thanks to brenda drake for starting this blog hop!


  1. Oh that's a good one. Me too, me too! I'm so thankful for new ideas. Sometimes I have too many and want to write ALL the things. I do write them down for future writing projects, so hopefully they'll all get written eventually. ;)

    1. Totally Brenda! I have so many random docs with weird titles set for future projects :)