thanksgiving post #2

today i'm feeling particularly thankful for writing and *everyone* who's supported me along this crazy journey.

i'm thankful for:

my awesome critique partners who bounce ideas around, read my manuscripts, and are always a source of constructive criticism and inspiration--you guys are the best kelly, megan (even though you aren't writing your own novel, you were my first and most supportive CP) and jeannette!

my husband for not laughing at me when i said i was going to write a novel. for not looking at me like i was crazy when i woke up before the sun and spent hours upon hours at the coffee shop every saturday before our kids were in school. AND for being an amazing dad and husband, never making me feel guilty for taking the time to chase a dream. i love you.

and for my agent (my agent!) for believing in my story so much that she offered me representation, for not spilling the news over email and giving me the shock-of-my-life-phone-call, and for being just as enthusiastic as i am about the next steps of this journey. thank you jamie!!!!!!

last but not least to all of you who have taken the time to read my many written pages - you know who you are and you're the best friends a girl could ask for!

and now for some cheese:

thanks to brenda drake for starting this blog hop. go here: brenda drake's thanksgiving blog hop to jump on board!


  1. Such a nice post! I'm planning one on CPs/betas too (WISH I could do one on my agent, ha!) I'd forgotten what JT looked like with hair...pretty cute.

  2. Awesome post! Thank goodness for a writer's support group. Without them, I think we'd all go crazy.

  3. That's some pretty cool things to be thankful for. I love when I hear about a writer's spouse being super supportive. We're lucky. ;)

  4. My hubby pushed me to write. We had just gotten married and I think I was being too clingy because he asked me if I had any hobbies. I had said, "I used to love to write." He said, "you should do that." Ha! I haven't stopped since. Love all the posts with CP, hubby, and agent love! <3

  5. Thank you Jessika. I am also so thankful that our paths have crossed. I love what you said about your husband, it is so wonderful to have someone to encourage you to pursue your dreams!!

    1. ;-) Thanks for reading Jamie and yes, that support from the hubby/best friend is priceless!