thanksgiving post #4

i've saved the most important for last...my sweet little loves, my daughters. if i'd never had kids, i'm not sure i would have been compelled to start writing.

i've always been artistic and creative, but it honestly never occurred to me to tell a story. though, i now realize, i've been telling stories all along, except i was using paint, clay, pencil, wool...

BUT once i had kids, i sort of lost myself and with that my creative person. not so say motherhood steals your individuality, but for me, it just kind of happened while i was busy caring for and falling in love with two little girls two years apart.

then, one day, i was HIT with an idea for a story and haven't stopped writing since.

thanks my loves, for pushing me to find what i needed and for making me a better person than i ever could have on my own.

i love you!

thanks to brenda drake for hosting this lovely blog hop!


  1. Aww, that's a sweet picture! It's like love at first sight when you get 'hit' with an idea for a story, you can't escape it and you have to write it. I love when that happens! Thanks for participating. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. thanks brenda--and thanks for hosting this great blog hop! happy thanksgiving!