2013 - sailing along

i noticed when i logged on today that i've had a little more traffic than normal (for a non-post day). it's as if my silent readers were just waiting to see if i'd post the obligatory new years post.

well, here it is...

i remembered posting a short blurb and list last year of my goals for 2012. here's the post: 2012 post and here's the list:

1. release BETWEEN THE CURRENTS online for e-publication by july 1st (barring i don't land an agent before then, which brings me to goal #2...)

i am so relieved i didn't do this! self-publishing is great, if you know what you're doing, and i don't. regardless, i knew this wasn't the route i truly wanted to take and had i taken it, i'd be stumbling down an entirely different road...in the wrong direction (for me). plus BTC wasn't ready. and, i landed an AGENT! so, this goal can consider itself booted off the list.2. work my ass off on my witches novel after it's finished being edited and re-query it.

i can wholeheartedly say DONE and DONE WELL!!! hard work does pay off, passion isn't a waste of time, and dreams do come true.

3. finish writing my newest manuscript by year's end, because if i do it right, i believe it might truly be "the one".

DONE! and YES!!! i am so incredibly in love with this manuscript right now i can't see straight...

4. take a wool spinning class.

well...i'll just carry that one over.

5. get past all of this concussion stuff and GET BACK TO NORMAL!

this isn't something i often talk about because it's always there...in my head...and so why give it anymore screen-time?! i'm getting there. enough said.

i have a feeling in my gut, a pleasant little knot, that 2013 is going to be an amazing year. no lists this time, no goals written out for all the world to see. instead, i think i'll just sail along and simply allow things to unfurl.

should be lovely. join me?


  1. I'd love to join you. Lovely post!

  2. I'm reading back a few posts from the beginnings blogfest and *here comes some embarrassing gushing* I LOVE your writing. Just gorgeous and I'm joining up for more.

    1. so sweet of you...thanks so much azara! *blushing*