a little story

remember the short story i submitted to the fiction femme fatale ?

well...they chose to feature it on their website!

so...here it is, in all it's glory:


and if you haven't checked out their blog, it's pretty amazing. each month they post a photo and writers are invited to create a short (1000 words or less) story based on the image. they choose one of the stories at the end of the month to post on their blog.

super fun and the photos they choose are pure inspiration.

of course, and as if i don't have enough ideas tumbling around in my head, now this one is evolving...i see a future WiP. sometimes the characters have plans of their own - like ghosts with stories to tell.

i often wonder if i'm more of a messenger than a creator...


  1. it was a lovely dream of a story. And thanks for the blog tip! Your Blog has lead me to several goodies. Thanks.

    1. thanks karen and so glad my blog is proving useful...sometimes i feel it's just me and the crickets! ;)

  2. I love using pictures (and music) as inspiration!