thursday's children blog hop

a weekly blog hop where writers share their inspiration.
so i've jumped along rhiann wynn-nolet's thursday's children blog hop - woo hoo! each week (or possibly for me, every couple of weeks) writers share their inspiration by blogging about whatever might get their creative juices flowing.
i know it isn't thusday, but hey, here it is...

if i'm being honest, i've had trouble coming up with a topic. usually something pops into my head, but this week...nuthin'. right now i'm working on edits to THE OFFERING. i have a talented and oh so amazing CP working on it with me, but i have to say, i'm struggling.

not with her constructive criticism/suggestions - they are right on and most of which will be easy fixes. but when she asked me what i wanted out of the critique, i said, "i want to dig deeper." and let me tell you...be careful what you ask for!

at first i was scared (what if i can't do it?). then frustrated (this is too hard!). then disconnected (boy have i had a busy non-editing week...). but now...finally, finally, i think i'm **inspired**.

because a challenge can be inspiring! i can do it. i will do it. and i'll do it better than i thought i could. there, i said it.

next week is the week of buckling down, getting this MS to it's best possible self and then reveling in the satisfaction of it all...glass of wine in hand.

challenge accepted.

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  1. YAY!! Congratulations. I will toast you, and join you in whipping up a WIP --all the way. Oh, did somebody say, Blog hop?

    1. Jump-butting in to say yes! We would LOVE to have you blog hop with us. Generally the Linky List for Thursday's Children is open Wed nights to Friday morning (to accommodate various time zones and people who might otherwise miss the party). Ideally, the Linky List appears on each blog, but it will always be on mine if you can't find it elsewhere.

    2. Oh, thank you, sugaropal. I followed Rihann's link above then journeyed to Fb for one of their badges, and got lost. I will join, guess next week. I will stalk your blog. :)

  2. I've been watching you and your CP tweet back and forth about your ms. SHE certainly thinks it's awesome, and I'm sure it is. And you will polish it to a fare thee well next week. Glad you "hopped" this week, join us whenever inspiration strikes and time allows :)

    1. thanks rhiann!

      she's pretty dang awesome herself and has some amazing suggestions that will take my ms to the next level (i have critiquing envy...)!

      and it was fun - i will indeed hop on regularly :)

  3. Good for you Jessika! We all get to that oogey place now and then, when writing seems like pushing a two-ton boulder uphill. Shoulder to the rock, Baby! You can do it! It's what separates the writers from the authors. (Right? Or is it just the luck of the slush-pile...)
    ~Just Jill

    1. thank jill! and i think, perhaps, a little of both :)

  4. Hey! When you say dig deep...I bring my shovel! Lol :p

    And you can have critiquing envy...I have writer's envy. Seriously LOVED your book. A crazy amount. I need the second one. Like now. Go magic it up!

  5. i much prefer a shovel to a spoon, so you were perfect!!!

    and thank you, you sweet sweet lady.

    off to conjure something up for you! :)

  6. I can't wait to see what you are doing to an already amazing manuscript!!! Awesome helping Awesome! I am going to keep hitting refresh on my inbox in anticipation!! :-)

  7. Hey! Welcome to Thursday's Children and sorry for arriving late. I also thought it might be a bit hard to come up with a new topic every week... but hey, there is always something out there (or in your head) that gives you some inspiration. So definitely challenge yourself to join us as often as you can and share something inspiring for us all to think about!

    Critiques have helped me a lot. In both helping me become a better writer and helping me approach my MS differently than I originally did. I would look at your critique not as a roadblock or a delay in your journey, but rather as a chance to really rethink your MS. Use the notes as the starting point for a new round of workshopping. How might you approach a scene differently? How can you make certain characters bigger and better?

    Turn those "quick fixes" into tiny nuggets of inspiration and your revisions will become an even more satisfying experience than your first few drafts.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks for stopping by john! and yes, the edits are moving along quite beautifully now :)