while i'm at it...

while i'm at it, i was also nominated for the versatile blogger award from jill haugh at i had a little nut tree... thanks jill!

this one requires i list 7 unknown facts about myself.

here you go:

1. i met my husband, freshman year of high school, in art class. we were 14. we didn't start dating until college, but funny how things work out. he's the best and even after nearly 12 years of marriage, i still like him quite a bit.

2. and, check out the above photo. i am currently OBSESSED with this photographer and her whimsically beautiful images and how they tell their own stories: thePhotoZoo

3. speaking of obsessions. my current song/video obsession is this:

4. my husband and i went to italy on our honeymoon. our itinerary suggested, "we get lost in the winding streets of venice"  and we literally did...for hours.

5. the only books i've ever read more than once are harry potter and the bell jar. i'm not a repeat reader. though, i will reread the book thief...once i've recovered from my first read through.

6. in 7th grade i shaved the underside of my hair, wore all black, and labeled myself 'a waver'. that phase lasted a couple of years (much to my mother's horror). kids...

7. i love the snow and had NO idea until a few years ago when we moved to colorado that it sparkled. it really sparkles (i grew up in texas)!!! i'm like a kid staring out the window with a big grin on my face each time it snows.

alrighty. if you read this and are into it, consider yourself tagged because your blog is surely well deserving!


  1. I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to see Venice! I'm not a big snow person though. It looks pretty the first day, but we lived in the city for years and, by the second day it would all be black and slushy and piled on every corner. Ugh. I like that it doesn't snow in GA!

    1. Not gonna lie, Venice was AMAZING! And yeah, I still love the snow, but the mush isn't the greatest ;)

  2. Hi Jessika,
    So nice to get to know you.
    I live in Wisconsin and I love the snow too,
    but winter can go bye-bye now...
    ~Just Jill

  3. I'm not a repeat reader either! So glad to find someone else like me. :-D

  4. Harry Potter all the way! I've read that series more times than I can count. I love your blog! Nice to meet fellow writers :)

    Keep in touch! Good luck with your writing.

    1. Thanks Jessica - great to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Wow, it's cool you met your husband in High School or Middle School and started dating in college and are still happily together. :) A perfect HEA!