life in agentland (IWSG)...

i'm not gonna lie, it's pretty good. all golden sunshine and mountains and water and rainbows...something a lot like this:

sometimes it even rains rainbow sprinkles, unicorns and fairies often make appearances...life in agentland is quite dreamy.


this isn't to say things are always perfect once one is agented. waiting (...and waiting...and waiting...) - that dwells here too.

interesting thing is, the waiting isn't getting me as down as usual. and i think that has a lot to do with agentland. surreal as it is here, it's also a safe, secure, and content place.

i think i'll build a little cottage right there in that field of flowers and stay a while...

what are your favorite distractions when waiting on replies from agents or editors?

mine are music, wine, reading, knitting, shopping, and writing...always writing (not particularly in that order).

 p.s. i've entered the GIF-zone and i'm hooked.

*thanks to alex cavanaugh for hosting the insecure writer's support group - a monthly blog hop where writers share their inspiration and support*

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