i've been working on improving my time management skills...


and by that, i mean, how the heck do i manage to fit blogging/writing/social media/editing/CP'ing/etc... into my very full 'other life'?!

it's a lot.

and it's challenging.

but totally worth it.

i'm not a night person. once the sun goes down my brain is finished.

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so my work time comes in the mornings and during the day when the house is quiet and all mine. BUT, unavoidably, these precious hours are often whittled away by other 'life' things.

lately i've had to buckle down on the time i put into social media - because seriously - hours pass like minutes while perusing facebook, twitter...and don't get me started on the crack that is pinterest!!!

SO, i get thirty minutes. forty-five if i need to write a blog. an hour if i need to comment on other blogs for a bloghop - and THAT'S IT! i even set a timer.

sometimes i turn it off and keep perusing...

i'm not completely regimented, but am working on it.

any tips? how do you maximize your writing time? please share...

*thanks to alex j. cavanaugh for starting the insecure writer's support group - a place to share and encourage - a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds*




  1. Hi Jessika, so nice to visit your blog and meet you. I'm helping Alex with hosting duties this month for IWSG. It so hard to find all the time, isn't it? I have a "schedule" I keep on an index card by my desk and truly try to follow it, allowing for time to work out, and get ready and social media, but somehow the day-- life-- gets in the way and I have to stay flexible or go nuts.

    1. Don't get me started on finding time to work out, lol...

      Thanks for stopping by Julie :)

  2. I too am trying to improve my time management skills. I'm balancing a full time job with being a full time writer. I've had to make a lot of sacrifices, and every day it's a struggle to get any writing done. However, those moments when I finally have an hour or two to write make it all worth it.

    1. Definitely worth it when those magical moments arrive!