"Like a Virgin" - Contest Style

I am thrilled to announce a unique and totally bitchin' (yeah, that's me going for the 80's lingo... I try...I try...) contest coming your way July 2013 via Kristina Perez and Rhiann Wynn-Nolet.
This one's for 'virgin' manuscripts that have yet to grace the contest circuit. So if you've got a shiny, fresh ms to pitch, you won't want to miss this one!!!
Check out all of the awesome along with details here:
 (Hey, wait, wha??? Is that a familiar face under the 'judges' tab?! ;)
Be sure to check back as the contest nears, start digging out your tulle skirts, extra-hold hairspray, and cutting up those sweatshirts and leggings, and watch this to gear up for all of the excitement!


  1. Ah, memories... And now I want to go to Venice again.

  2. Oh I'm having high school flashbacks! Sounds like a great contest. Thanks for sharing!