hiatus, updates, and adventures...

i was on a brief hiatus while we made our yearly trek to texas. somehow (not at all intentionally) i was able to unplug myself from the internet, my laptop, and (for the most part) my phone. i have to admit, it was much needed, but even though i was only off the grid for a couple weeks, i'm feeling pretty out of touch.

so, i'm back, somewhat recharged, and summer feels officially in bloom.

a few noteworthy updates:

FAMILIARITY WITH THE DEVIL and THE OFFERING are content in Submissionland.

aaaand... i'm thinking of revisiting my first novel, BETWEEN THE CURRENTS (i'm looking for betas...wink, wink), while i continue working on my current WiP.

also, the LIKE A VIRGIN PITCH CONTEST is coming up in a few weeks! be sure to spiffy up your latest manuscript and enter! it's going to be quite the ride - stay tuned!

that's all i've got, but i'll leave you with some scenery shots from our drive...

Photo: Current scenery: dry fields, lonely trees, fences...
lonely trees, dry fields, fences...
Photo: New scenery: creepy windmill/tubine things... Wade finds it odd that I think they're creepy. Thoughts?
dizzy turbines, abandoned house, dry fields, fences, window glare...
Photo: Such a beautiful sight...just after the sign "Welcome to colorful Colorado", THIS is the view! A total change of scenery. I <3 CO
"Welcome to colorful Colorado"

*gifs source: Tumblr*


  1. Congratulations!!!! And so glad you had a good time. I wouldn't mind dipping my toes into that water for awhile.