My first request...

Since tomorrow is the last day of the Like a Virgin Pitch Contest (which was AWESOME!) and the ongoing theme has been 'firsts', this week's Thursday's Children post is inspired by my first manuscript request.

By the time I was querying my second novel, I fancied myself a hardened writer, one who'd battled her way through the trenches of Queryland for not one, but TWO novels. I was armored for rejection...

Nothing You can say will upset me
One short email bleeped onto my screen:
Thanks for your query. Mind sending along the first five pages of your manuscript in the body of
an e-mail? I'd be happy to take a look and let you know whether the style is the best fit for me.

I'd made contact and with a REAL LIVE AGENT!!! Sitting at the bar of my favorite coffee shop, I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. I kept looking around, bug eyed, smiling like an idiot, only to stare back at my laptop and reread the message. I played it cool, but on the inside was more like this...

 Finally one of the baristas I knew came over and I totally blabbed the good news all over her before quickly getting to work, making sure every. single. word. of my first five pages was perfect before hitting 'send'. 
In the end, my project 'just wasn't the right fit' for her at that time. BUT, I'd done it! I'd broken the writer/agent barrier!!!
And it only got better from there... Sure there were more rejections. Who I am kidding, there were A LOT more rejections, but with those came partial requests and full requests and advancing in contests and finally THE ULTIMATE PHONE CALL!
But, my first request - that first time an agent hit 'reply' - will forever hold a place in my fond memories file.

Care to share any writing related memories from your file?

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  1. Yes, that IS a huge first. The first that allowed me to think "Okay, so maybe I'm not COMPLETELY crazy and/or COMPLETELY wasting my time with this whole wanting-to-get-published thing."

  2. Love the Wallflower GIF.

    I remember my first request too - at the time I was convinced my journey was over and she would be the one to get me a three-book deal, so I was pretty stoked. ha!! :)

    1. Oh yeah... Can't deny I didn't have similar thoughts :p

  3. Thanks for sharing! I'm almost ready to submit my first novel. It's great to read encouraging stories. :)

  4. Great post. I remember my first request, too. A girl never forgets...

  5. Awesome first! I love this! It's such a good feeling, knowing that it's not just you who sees the potential in your project.
    Thanks for sharing.