♥ #typewriter

how have i not done a thursday's children post on typewriters yet?!?!

i love typewriters (shocking, i know...).

i have no idea how, why, or when this began. i mean, i've always loved images of old typewriters, getting lost in thought over the many stories and letters written through them, the multiple sets of hands that have grazed their keys.

my collection consists of three (so far)...

and my newest, a birthday gift from my parents, the one i've been wanting - IN YELLOW!

(try not to be jealous of my mad cell phone photog skillz!)

each has a personality, stories to tell, and so much history.

one day i will have an office of my own and a wall of shelves full of typewriters and books.

do you collect anything that inspires your writing?

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  1. DROOL!

    Love the yellow one. LOVE the Remington. So jealous!

    I can't really think of anything I collect that inspires my writing, except maybe songs and the pictures on Pinterest. Maybe someday when I have an office of my own, too...

    1. Ha! I collect songs too... And yes, the yellow!!!

  2. And here I thought I was all alone in my strange obsession with vintage typewriters. I recently became a follower of your blog because of your typewriter article, but then realized that you too are a writer! I also enjoy writing although I've only been publish a couple times (some poetry and speculative fiction.) I do write more adult works under a pen name though so I can have a steady stream of funds for my small but growing typewriter collection. I currently own a Smith-Corona, Coronet Electric (just like the one in your picture) a Smith-Corona Sterling from 1952, a 1960 Olympia SM-3, and a 1952/1958 Smith-Corona Skyriter that I plan on refurbishing into a kind of pimped-out, red metal flake, franken-writer. My wife thinks I'm crazy and calls my growing collection stupid, but this coming from someone who drools over kindergarten craft ideas on pinterest. Okay, she has a right-after all, she is a kindergarten school teacher.

    1. Cool, so glad you stumbled upon my blog! And yeah, my husband doesn't 'get it' either ;-)

  3. I love typewriters, too. My grandma had a Remington that looked kind of like that but in baby blue. I really wished I had kept it. I have many fond memories of dressing up in her costume jewellery as a kid and typing away, pretending I was some kind of 1940s secretary or something ;-)

    1. What a wonderful memory Kristina, love it!

  4. I seem to be collecting rejection letters, Though I do have a few acceptance ones.

    I took typewriting in high school, used them a little at my first job, but can't say that I miss them.

    1. Oh yeah, I've got tons of those too Michelle...all locked away in a file for safe keeping. :-)