The Blackbird's Grave, a Short Story

I wrote a YA short story (which you'll find HERE). And, let me tell you, shorts are hard to write. Especially when you're a novelist and your instinct is to keep writing AAAALLLLLL the words. But, I did it and it's creepy and fun and all bumps-in-the-night (hopefully, if I did my job). THE BLACKBIRD'S GRAVE is published in this month's issue of Young Imagination Magazine - a really great online magazine geared toward teens and young adults.

My short is The Blair Witch Project meets the Salem witch trials, with a bit of Dawson's Creek mixed in for good balance. So, please read and enjoy and pass it along if you like. Oh and...

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  1. just exactly what i love to read before going to bed. a daily dose of horror. keep working on such work i love your blog and will be looking forward to more. thanks!