countdown to THE CASTAWAYS: meet will

As I finish up my first pass edits on THE CASTAWAYS, I'm finding myself getting all giddy and nervous and butterfly-y on the inside that this thing I wrote is actually going to be a BOOK! (If you'd like to start with post #1 of this series, you can meet my main character, Olive, HERE)

So, in the spirit of distraction and counting down to the big day...

Meet Will.

Will is my story's hero. He's a complex, complicated guy with a dark past. Being stranded on an island for a decade has only buried his secrets further. Will is all about contradictions, mirroring the island he can't escape.

Will's Colors.

Will's color pallet would be a blending of extremes. He's black and white and orange and teal. He's fire and ice. Lover and fighter. Prey and hunter. 

Will's Song.

Will's song? Hero by Family of the Year. Will's a bit tortured. A lot lost. He didn't ask to be in charge, but sort of ended up the leader. And, while it wouldn't have been his first choice, he's taken on the task full-force. He loves big and fights fierce and has deep secrets to keep. 

More to come! Be sure to add THE CASTAWAYS (EntangledTEEN, summer 2017) to your Goodreads list! 

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  1. it was interesting to read about Will's story. the good thing is that you used simple words and kept it short. i always enjoy reading your blog. keep it up.