countdown to THE CASTAWAYS: meet duke (also, bring it, 2017!)

I just looked back and my first post here on this 'lil blog was on January 18, 2011. I cannot even begin to take in how much my life, my craft, my work, and this writing journey has ebbed and flowed, evolved and unfurled these past years. 2016 will be a year to go in the books for me, writing wise. I got my first book deal and still have so much yet to share...

With that, my closing out 2016 post will be another addition to Countdown to THE CASTAWAYS. If you'd like to read previous posts in the serious, start HERE! :)

Meet Duke.

Duke is the villain of my story. He leads the group of kids on the island who instigate most of the violence and conflict. Duke's a loner, yet cannot stand to be alone. He's made sure to surround himself with people who look up to him and, by default, do as he wishes. But the guy's not all bad. He's loyal to a fault and fiercely protective. When you're on Duke's good side, life is grand, but don't dare cross him. He's sort of a metaphor for the unforgiving cliffs he calls home: they'll shelter you from the storm, but one misstep will be your doom.

Duke's Colors.

Duke is black and white, strength and chaos. He burns deep, runs cold, and roams wild. His skin is surprisingly thin, so he keeps everything and everyone at a distance.   

Duke's Song.

Heathens by Twenty One Pilots. Sure, Duke's done wrong. He's spent much of his time on the other side of good. But, curious thing is, the deeper one digs, the more one gets to know him, peel those layers back a bit, the more sure you'll be he's not so different from you. 

Happy New Year to you all! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading my words. The next Countdown to THE CASTAWAYS post will hopefully be the ***cover reveal***!!!

In the meantime, be sure to add THE CASTAWAYS (EntangledTEEN, summer 2017) to your Goodreads list!