*HUGE Announcement*: THE OFFERING Is. Being. Published!

Yes, you read that correctly. Just to be sure, I even read it over several times after I typed it... Pinched myself... Splashed water on my face... All of that, and I'm still not 100% convinced I'm not dreaming.

Alas, here it is...

Yes, click HERE

THE OFFERING Is. Being. Published!

A bit of background: Back in October, I decided to post my YA fantasy, THE OFFERING, over at Swoon Reads (One short day before the deadline to be precise). I blogged about it here. Basically, Swoon Reads (A YA imprint of Macmillan Publishing) acquires books in a more non-traditional yet super cool way by crowd-sourcing to help choose the titles they publish. It's, honestly, quite brilliant because this method gets readers involved. And Swoon Reads doesn't stop there. They keep their readers engaged, giving them a window into the entire publishing process from acquisitions to editing to cover art (Readers vote on their fav covers!) to publication. I've only just signed my contract and I'm completely smitten!💗

*Big squishy hugs and sloppy kisses to everyone who read/rated/commented/shared/supported me through this... You all are the bees knees!*

So for two loooong months, I've been sitting on my hands to keep from sharing this news! Lots of this...

And this...

And, yeah, this too...

FINALLY I get to celebrate with you all!!!

THE OFFERING is going to be a book with real paper pages and a gorgeous cover and will physically live on the shelves at bookstores! To say I'm thrilled is an understatement. I have no words. So I'll let the beautiful images of Hayao Miyazaki as gifs speak for me... (Really, is there any other way?!)

For me, 2016 drew to a close in an end-over-end, wonderfully dizzying whirlwind (Publishing contract! New agent! Final edits for THE CASTAWAYS!). 2017 promises to be just as bizarrely lovely (Cover reveal/my debut releases! Lots of editing for THE OFFERING! Writing! Publishing! More books!). To say I've worked hard for this is an understatement. Still, this whole 'dreams coming true thing'? It's pretty unbelievable. 

As always, thank you for sharing this journey with me! More to come...


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