countdown to THE CASTAWAYS: meet #TeamLions

Thirty-eight days.
38 days. 
                                       38! DAYS! 

Yeah, I can keep typing it, but it doesn't make it feel more real because... 

My debut novel, THE CASTAWAYS, releases in 38 days!

So, how about a bit of distraction, eh? I plan to post two more Countdown to THE CASTAWAYS posts before my cover reveal on MARCH 15th over at YA Books Central. 

With that, meet Team Lions.

When Olive finds herself inexplicably stranded on a deserted island, she quickly realizes she's stepped into the middle of a Lord of the Flies scenario between two factions of warring kids. They've named their sides the Lions and the Panthers, respectively. By chance... luck... a forgiving storyteller... she ends up falling in with the Lions. They're the "good guys". The ones dodging bombs and daily torment from the other, more aggressive, group. The Lions spend their days on the defense, simply surviving as best they can, trying to find a way home. Their six members are: Will, Lewis, Jude, Tilly, Charlie, and Bug. Each arrived on the island from a different time and place, but they share one common bond: they were all running from something. And, assuming Olive can win over each of their hearts and trust, she'll be Lion number seven. 

The Lions' Colors

The Lions were thrown together. No one asked for it. No one hoped for it. Still, they've made the best of it. They're a pride. A family. Loyalty and honesty are a way of life within this group and once you're in, you're in, but before that happens, rule number one is: Earn your worth. Somehow, despite their vast differences, this eclectic group of seven love and support and care for one another dearly. They're colors would be all bronzes and yellows and oranges. Warmth. Soft like a lion's mane. Strong like gold. But  rounded out with pale greens like the leaves of the cave of a tree they call home. 

The Lions' song.

It's Only Life by The Shins. Because, the lyrics. Shh... Just listen.

Be sure to check back soon to meet #TeamPanthers! Meanwhile, have you added THE CASTAWAYS to your Goodreads TBR yet? Check it out HERE! 

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