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I finished my first round of edits for THE OFFERING. Woo-hoo! Though, no real celebrating yet, this 'lil (and I mean that purely figuratively because it's actually a HUGE story) book still has several rounds to go (I'm sure. We'll see what my editor has to say about it... ::ducks under desk::). BUT. In the name of progress and getting to work on an amazing story, here's a yummy novel aesthetic of THE OFFERING, just for you:


You. Guys. The Handmaid's Tale (rated/only suitable for MA audiences for very legit reasons). Seriously, that's all.


I'm just now finishing up These Vicious Masks by my Swoon Reads buds, Kelly Zekas and Tarun Shanker. If you're looking for a unique, compelling, romance with unforgettable characters and lots of adventure, look no further! Truly. It's Jane Austen meets X-Men and it's fantastic.

These Vicious Masks by [Shanker, Tarun, Zekas, Kelly]


It's Hamilton. All the time. 24/7. Shamelessly. 

For Fun-Wise...

Here's a chance to win a signed copy of my YA debut, The Castaways! Check it out over at Goodreads and good luck!

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The Castaways by Jessika Fleck

The Castaways

by Jessika Fleck

Giveaway ends July 22, 2017.
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What are you currently... up to? Feel free to join me!

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  1. OK. I need to look into that book - "Jane Austen meets X-Men" - sign me up!

    Also, this is a good reminder to go look into Hamilton tickets (planning to take the kids in November/December - once Hazel has hit the minimum age for the show).

    1. Oh my gosh--you guys are going to LOVE it! I'm still processing all of the amazing.