Join us for the YA Instagram Scavenger Hunt (#YAInstaHunt)!

Scavenger hunts are super fun, amIright? My husband and I set them up for our kids every chance we get... Easter, B-days, Flag Day... πŸ˜‰ So, when I heard a bunch of YA authors were getting together for an Instagram scavenger hunt, I HAD to get in on the action!


I'm teaming up with eleven other amazing authors to put together a first of it's kind Instagram picture hunt! We've got the full rules, how to participate, and all the prizes available right here! And--psst!--I'm teaming up with author Lisa Voisin for TEAM GREEN shenanigans!

1st up: how it all works & the rules:

Each entry must be posted on Instagram AND must be tagged with #YAInstagram to be counted as an entry! You can earn up to 8 points per team -- 1 for each photo you post on Instagram using #YAInstahunt -- The authors will choose their winners so get creative! Grand prize winner will be chosen from the contestants that take part in all teams and has the most points entered. Don't forget to also tag the teams authors with each pic entry! Share the love <3
Any entries on other forms of social media DO NOT count, so make sure you are posting each pic on Instagram! However, you can share this hunt on Wwitter, Facebook, Pinterest and all other social media platforms. but ONLY Instagram entries count.
Winners will be notified through Instagram

2nd thing to know: The authors taking part AND each team's prize!! We've got a lot of good ones :)

  TEAM PINK PRIZES: Print copy of REAWAKENED + $20 gift card & Legendary swag 

  TEAM GREEN PRIZES: ebook The Watcher and The Angel Killer + Signed copy of THE CASTAWAYS & swag.

  TEAM PURPLE PRIZES: $10 Gift card + $20 gift card & November Girl swag

TEAM RED PRIZES: $25 gift card + Custom crow pendant & a signed hardcover of BLACK BIRD OF THE GALLOWS

  TEAM YELLOW PRIZES: T-shirt & Swag + $25 gift card

  TEAM ORANGE PRIZES: $20 Amazon gift card + $25 B&N gift card

 The grand prize winner will receive 1 copy of EACH AUTHOR'S featured book! Open internationally--where ever Book Depository ships to for free.

 Put Aug 25th on your calendar and get your INSTAGRAM filters ready for use! See you all then :)


  1. How fun! I will be telling this to my teens (I work in a public library).

  2. I've participated in the last two hunts and it was so much fun. This year I'm not hosting, but I am going to play along. :)

  3. This is definitely a new idea. I’ve never heard about an Instagram scavenger hunt. I however wish it wasn’t for teams only. Anyway, good luck to everyone participating!